Cloud Managed Interactive Signage Solution


Executive Summary

Cloud based solution for remote content deployment and device management.

  • Cloud­based management of secure operating system, device management, and content delivery
  • Integrates with existing content management systems (CMS)
  • Centralized visibility and control of touchscreens to define operating times, schedule content, and ensure consistent configuration
  • Real­time remote control for interactive signage operations
Implementation highlights
  • Authentication and Authorization including OAuth2 with fine­grained access control.
  • Multi­tenancy ­ Makes it easy to compartmentalize data to serve many client organizations from a single instance of the application.
  • Caching ­ A distributed, in­memory data cache to improve application performance.
  • Scheduled Tasks ­ Configure tasks that run at defined times or regular intervals.
  • Search Perform ­ Google­like searches over structured data.
  • Notification ­ Use Mailgun’s library to send emails from the app.
  • CMS integration ­ HTTP/REST APIs for external systems.
  • WebSocket ­ To send data in realtime.
  • Monitoring ­ Integration with NewRelic to monitor application deployed in different environments.
  • Continuous deployment and testing methodologies in the cloud.
  • Single page app with responsive design.
  • Publish­subscribe messaging pattern for messages.
  • Logging, Security, SSL, Encryption and much more.
Technology Stack

NodeJS, Express, AngularJS, ElasticSearch, CouchDB, Redis, Nginx, REST, WebSockets, Mailgun, NewRelic, JIRA, BitBucket, Git.


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