Benison has extensive capabilities and experience in the development of VNFs and migration to COTS based hardware. We have worked with major Equipment vendors to help them with the migration.

 We can work with you on the following fronts



  • Our Architects and DPDK experts will work with you to understand your product capabilities and roadmap.
  • We will understand your motivation to move to a COTS hardware and expectations.
  • Study existing architecture.
  • Benison can then provide a recommendation on the most suitable architecture to meet your expectations.


Engineering – PoC :

  • In some cases it may be necessary to develop a Proof of Concept before embarking on a complete migration activity.
  • Benison can assist you with developing the PoC and ensuring that key issues are demonstrated.


Engineering – Development :

  • Benison can assist you in the complete design, development, porting and testing of the new solution.
intel dpdk expertise

Network Operators are increasingly looking to leverage VNFs(Virtual Network Function) to reduce CAPEX as well as have the ability to deploy new revenue-generating services rapidly. Intel DPDK(Data Plane Development Kit) is a crucial element of the NFV ecosystems especially as higher bandwidth requirements are expected from Intel x86 architectures.

 Migrating to DPDK :

Equipment Vendors who have massive investments and experience in legacy ASIC / Switch based solutions need to leverage their field-proven software capabilities while moving to a VNF / COTS based hardware. However, making that move needs careful consideration at multiple levels.

  • Expected Throughput Performance.
  • Whether DPI is used and its impact.
  • How much Application level processing vs Data Forwarding is expected
  • Future Road-map of the product.

All the above factors need to be considered before making the move to DPDK. Moreover, the forwarding plane may need to be re-architected to ensure that it meets all the performance and functional requirements. In some cases DPDK may not be the right solution and alternative options may need to be looked into.


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