Wireless Mesh Cloud Controller


Customer Background

One of our esteemed customer is involved in Smart City projects in Japan. Our customer is primarily providing Hardware Routers along with the configuration. These routers will be installed throughout the city at different geographical locations and will be owned and managed by multiple vendors. The objective is to provide secured and continuous internet access to end user.

Problem Statement

Centralize Solution for controlling, configuring and monitoring wireless multi-network mesh routers / nodes.

Project Details

  • NMS Controller is a Cloud based server solution for configuring, controlling and monitoring multi-network mesh nodes.
  • Server back-end communication with multiple mesh network though network gateway through secure Web Socket connection.
  • Server Front-end communication through Web Server over REST APIs for customer / user to login for respective mesh networking for operations.



NMS Controller Solution

The complete solution contains server side and device side components. One part resides on the Cloud based application server and other part resides within the each mesh network node. NMS Cloud side server application communicates over customize protocol (Design and Implemented by Benison) with mesh node through common gateway device per network. Connection over server application and gateway device is over WebSocket protocol. Mesh network and mesh node related information is stored at cloud server database (Design and Implemented by Benison)

NMS Controller Solution features are as follows

  • Customer, User and Network Management.
  • Node registration, configuration and verification
  • Security Information (Certificates and Keys) upgradation
  • Mesh Node Firmware upgradation
  • Remote Booting
  • Dashboard per mesh node under given mesh network
  • Logging Information per mesh node under given mesh network
  • Importing and Exporting mesh node configuration

Benison offered a cloud based server application and device side firmware as a solution for client requirements.


The customer is able to use the cloud base NMS web application to configure and monitor the devices for different vendors. The UI is user friendly and customizable. So that if required it can be modified easily.


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