Low Power Tracker System



Designed and Implemented end to end solution for low power Tracker device for pet tracking and vehicle tracking based on low power series SoCsbased on NXP.

Team Experience
  • Hardware design and fabrication
  • Design and development of Tracker Firmware
  • Device driver implementation and porting
  • System Power Management
  • Design and development of Tracker Android Application
  • GeoFence functionality for tracking the device
  • SOS button functionality for emergency alert
  • Motion detection algorithm using accelerometer data and GPS data fusion
  • Integration with cloud server ( OpenGTS Server ) for data sync-up and alert notifications
  • Alert notifications : Geo In/Out , Low Battery , HI/LO Temp
  • SMS based device configuration and status update
  • System power Management
  • USB based firmware upgrade feature
  • Bluetooth based proximity sensing feature


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