Network Function Virtualization (also known as Virtual Network Function) offers a new way to design, deploy and manage networking services. NFV decouples the network functions, such as network address translation (NAT), fire walling, intrusion detection etc. from proprietary hardware appliances so that services can be delivered via software on any industry-standard server hardware

The aim of NFV is to transform the way communication service providers (CSPs) architect networks and deliver network services. Network operations are transformed as network function software is dynamically instantiated in various network locations in the network as needed, without requiring the installation of new equipment.


  Network Function Virtualization enables operators to

  • Reduce CapEx
  • Reduce OpEx
  • Accelerate Time-To-Market
  • Deliver agility and Flexibility


VNF Development

  • Architecture, Design and Development of VNFs
  • Intel DPDK based VNF optimization
  • Packet Processing acceleration through VPP
  • Support for different Hypervisors(Esxi/KVM/XN)

VNF Porting

  • Porting from Custom Silicon to COTS x86 platform
  • Migration of VNFs to different Hypervisor/OS environment

Bench marking and Performance tuning

  • Performance improvements with Intel DPDK based optimizations
  • Fast Path Optimization using off-load
  • Benchmarking VNF performance in Cloud Environments

VNF Management & Orchestration

  • Integrate with NFV orchestrator like OpenStack, CloudStack
  • Integrate with SDN controllers such as OpenDaylight

  Intel Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK)

Benison has extensive capabilities and experience in the development of VNFs and migration to COTS based hardware. We have worked with major Equipment vendors to help them with the migration.


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